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5 Tips For Men New to Online Dating - Gay Dating
22 Jun 2021
5 Tips For Men New to Online Dating - Gay Dating

You may be wondering how to get started with online dating? A great way to link up with like-minded men and find that most compatible of partners, online dating can be the perfect solution - have moved areas and want to meet up with other gay men near you.

Traditional Thai Massage
22 Jun 2021
Traditional Thai Massage

A traditional Thai massage usually takes place on a padded mat on the floor (or similar) and will take place fully clothed and without the use of oils. Starting with meridian work, the masseuse will use their palms and thumbs to apply pressure along the energy lines. You will also be guided through some partner yoga poses, none of which should be too uncomfortable.

Massage Therapy for Pain Management
22 Jun 2021

Massage therapy can provide significant improvement for pain, anxiety and health-related quality of life for those looking to manage their pain.

It is currently recognized as the most compelling reason for an individual to seek medical attention, and accounts for approximately 80 percent of physician visits. Not only are individuals affected, but also their families, the national economy and health systems.


Research Supports Massage Therapy for Pain Management

Based on the evidence, massage therapy, compared to no treatment, should be strongly recommended as a pain management option.

Massage therapy is commonly used among people seeking pain management and research has generally supported its use.


About the Study

Massage therapy is commonly used among people seeking pain management and research has generally supported its use.

There are many specialists in USA cities like New York or Chicago, who will be fully trained in study.

10 Ways - Exercise Is Better With Massage
22 Jun 2021

Athletes seeking enhanced performance, faster recovery, improved conditioning, injury prevention and assistance in maintaining peak fitness can benefit from massage therapy.


10 Ways - Exercise Is Better With Massage

  • Helping prevent injuries
  • Reducing swelling
  • Increasing range of motion
  • Promoting relaxation
  • Improving exercise performance
  • Enhancing athletic performance
  • Decreasing delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Reducing breathing pattern disorders
  • Reducing muscle tension
  • Improving soft tissue function
5 Ways - Why Getting Regular Massages Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution
22 Jun 2021

Many people set health and wellness goals at the beginning of every year, As you go through your regular massage therapy sessions, you will likely notice a wide variety of positive effects. Massage therapy can also positively affect your other health and wellness goals. You can need masseur, you are visit masseur profile and find best masseur in USA.


5 Ways -  to Make Massage Your New Year's Resolution

1. Stress Reduction :- Every year, USA spend thousands of pounds and significant time seeking relief from illness. Massage therapy can reduce your levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that suppresses your immune, digestive, reproductive, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and cellular growth systems.

2. Lowers Blood Pressure :- Receiving massage on a regular basis has a positive effect on blood pressure problems, which results in regulating your heart rate and lowering your blood pressure.

3 Injury :- Massage improves blood circulation. Regular massage can help you get back on your feet quicker.

4 Sleep better :- Research shows people who receive regular massage therapy treatments can enjoy more restful nights and energetic days.

5 Manage chronic illness :- Many doctors recommend massage therapy as a complementary treatment for chronic illnesses.

3 Easy Ways to Beat Holiday Stress
29 Nov 2019

Stress is a highly personal experience, as not all stress is the result of a major traumatic event. When we experience stress the sympathetic nervous system jumps into action and our heart rate and breathing increases while adrenaline floods the bloodstream.


3 Easy Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

Stress Is Personal

Stress is also extremely personal. What one person considers very stressful others may not even bat an eye at.

Acute Stress

In acute stress, our sympathetic nervous system ups our respiration and heart rate, floods us with adrenaline, we deal with the stress and then we are able to calm down, returning to a normal state, called homeostasis.

Chronic Stress

Chronic stress, however, takes place over long periods of time and can bring on significant health concerns as we remain in the “fight-or-flight” state of hyper-readiness.