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About me

Body- Actualize : “Body is the map , body is the way home “.. Our body holds an integral story that when reflected back through bodywork gives our Nuerology permission to become calm , naturally heal and regenerate body , mind and spirit . Swedish, Shiatsu, Sports, deep tissue, myofascial techniques employed. I’m a trained masseur providing professional services for your therapeutic needs. I am a New York City based Holistic Bodyworker with over 5 years of experience. providing professional services for the therapeutic needs of men on all sexuality and gender expression spectrum . Bodywork is a treatment modality for stress, anxiety, and injuries as well as a palliative and preventive to daily wear and tear , I specialize in anxiety relief and stress management . To quote the Bard "sore labor's bath, balm of the hurt mind, great nature's second course, chief nourishment in life's feast!" Love providing this wonderful service and look forward to seeing and getting to know you! I'll provide bodywork that not only relaxes you but brings forth a fresh wave of energy.

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